Why Certify


Top Five Reasons:

  1. Formal recognition (via CHFN credentials) of specialized knowledge in heart failure care and your commitment to providing optimal patient care.
  2. Patients have better outcomes when care is provided by certified nurses. In a study of nurses certified in rehabilitation (CRRNs), length of patient stay was shortened 6% for every 1% increase in certified nurses on the unit.1
  3. Personal pride in accomplishment and an informal commitment to providing heart failure care based on best practice / evidence based practices.
  4. Hospital administrators understand that certification reflects excellence in the field and they desire a high percentage of certified staff nurses.
  5. Many institutions or practices reward certified nurses by increased pay, reimbursement of test expenses, and advancement in a clinical ladder program.

To obtain certification, you remain competitive in the ever-changing field of heart failure care. Certification reflects your outward responsiveness in providing the best possible care for your patients. Certification reflects a willingness to learn and adapt positively to new evidence related to heart failure assessment, care planning, interventions/treatments, and evaluation of care delivered.

Certification validates that

  • You are knowledgeable and well-qualified to provide specialized care at your institution.

Certification signifies knowledge that can be used to:

  • Create a significant positive impact on patient care and safety
  • Provide individualized and optimal care
  • Gain respect from patients
  • Facilitate personal growth and job satisfaction

1 Nelson A, Powell-Cope G, Palacios P, et al. Nurse staffing and patient outcomes in inpatient rehabilitation settings. Rehabilitation Nursing. 2007;32(5):179-202.

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