Heart Failure Certification 2013

Revocation of Certification

Certification of an individual may be revoked by the AAHFN-CB.

The certification designation CHFN may be used only during the specified certification period by a registered nurse (RN) or nurse practitioner (NP) who has successfully completed the requirements for certification or renewal of certification.

Certification or recertification may be denied or revoked for any of the following reasons:
  1. Misrepresentation of the CHFN certification or unauthorized possession or use of CHFN logos and abbreviations relating thereto, and any other AAHFN-CB documents and materials. Ex. Expired certification, use of certification mark(s) without taking exam.
  2. Falsification of application or reapplication for the examination or renewal information by continuing education or any other material information requested by AAHFN-CB.
  3. The giving or receiving of assistance in the examination as evidenced by observation of irregular behavior and/or statistical analysis of an applicant's answers.
  4. The unauthorized possession, reproduction or disclosure of any AAHFN-CB examination-related materials before, during or after the examination.
  5. Failure to fully cooperate in any AAHFN-CB disciplinary investigation or proceeding.

Disciplinary Action

Denial or limitation of eligibility for certification or renewal for a specified or indefinite period of time
Denial of certification or renewal for a specified or indefinite period of time and/or Revocation of certification


The AAHFN-CB, or in the case of an appeal, the Disciplinary Committee, may impose a waiting period, up to and including 5 years, after which an individual against whom disciplinary action was taken may submit a new application for certification.

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