Heart Failure Certification 2013

AAHFN-CB Certification Audit Frequently Asked Questions


Randomly the AAHFN-CB will select and audit Certification applicants. If your application is chosen for audit, you will be asked to submit supporting documentation. You will be contacted by email with instructions on how to submit audit documentation.

Certificants will have 60 days from the date of the email letter to submit the required verification materials.

If materials are not submitted to AAHFN-CB within 60 days, certification will be revoked and notices may be sent to the candidate's employer and state Board of Nursing, where appropriate.

See the FAQs below for information on AAHFN-CB’s Certification audit process. For further questions about this process, please email us at information@aahfn.org.


What documentation do I need to send AAHFN-CB for continuing education credits?
You must provide a copy of certificate/s for only the contact hours submitted for certification. This documentation must include your name, the date,title of course,the number of contact hours earned and the name of the accrediting agency. International CHFNs and CHFN-Ks must adhere to same documentation as required of U.S. CHFNs and CHFN-Ks.


What if my CE certificate does not list an accrediting agency?
Sometimes the accrediting agency is shown in smaller print on the certificate. If you cannot find an accrediting agency listed on your certificate, please contact the issuer of your certificate for that information. AAHFN-CB will need written documentation from the accrediting agency that contact hours were awarded for the CE offering.


What if I can't find my CE certificates?
You are responsible for keeping a copy of your certificates. If you can't find your AAHFN CE certificates from annual meetings, symposia, or online CE, there will be a $50 retrieval fee for AAHFN staff to send you a copy.

What documentation will I need to submit for the certification of Academic Credit?
Provide an unofficial transcript documenting completion of 1 semester or quarter hour of academic credit.


What documentation do I need to submit for the certification requirement of Clinical Hours?
A form to document practice hours earned, the name of the clinical setting, and the time period practiced will be attached to the email notification of auditing. This form must be signed by a supervisor to verify your clinical practice reported.


What if I don't have certificates for the CEs that I submitted with my application? It is your responsibility to keep a copy of your certificates. If you cannot find an AAHFN CE for an annual meeting, symposia, or online CE, we will retrieve them for a $50 retrieval fee.


How do I submit documentation of my CE, Academic Credit (if applicable), Nursing license, and Clinical Hours?
You can fax , mail, or email your documentation –
Fax – 856-439-0525
Email: information@aahfn.org
Audit Documentation
1120 Rt. 73
Suite 200
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

1120 Rt 73, Ste 200,
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

888.45.AAHFN / 888-452-2436


For questions concerning exam educational resources, contact Gail Haas 888-452-2436

For questions concerning the exam for certification questions, contact Cindy Tavormina 888-452-2436 ext. 2 

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