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AAHFN History
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AAHFN History

AAHFN 10th Anniversary Video

AAHFN Milestones

Celebrating 10 years of AAHFN

The old adage “time flies…” is a funny and quirky phrase when we are young but becomes more poignant as we get older. That adage is very pertinent as we reflect on AAHFN’s 10th anniversary. Where did the time go? It seems like just last week that many heart failure nurses recognized that their needs for education and networking were not being addressed; that the notion of forming an organization specifically for these nurses was tossed around; that the “Dirty Dozen” first met to bring life and structure to a dream; that we had our first annual meeting in San Diego in 2004.

Organizations are like people and go through different life cycles in their growth and development. AAHFN has indeed gone through infancy and survived its adolescence. Despite those challenges, AAHFN has hosted ten fabulous annual meetings, developed the only certification specifically for heart failure nurses, established a professional journal, implemented Communities of Practice, and developed a Disease Management seminar (and soon to be, book!) Using life cycle criteria for non-profit organizations, AAHFN has now reached maturity, as defined by its recognition within the heart failure community (number one hit on Google when heart failure nurses is searched; growing membership); its established and published long range goals for education, advocacy and finances; and the new programs and initiatives that have been added to meet the diverse needs of our members (Advanced Heart Failure Program; Reducing Readmissions Symposium). Through the years, we have remained true to the mission and vision of AAHFN and the reason this organization was formed – to lead heart failure nurses and to be the foremost nursing association across the heart failure continuum. But we are not done! There is more that can and will be done.

Diamonds are the “modern” gift for a 10th anniversary, and you, the members, are the diamonds for AAHFN. NONE of this would have been possible without your commitment, your passion, your intelligence, your time. You give willingly, knowing that together we can and will make a difference – to a nurse, to a patient, to a family. For that we THANK YOU!

Happy Anniversary, AAHFN!
Robin J Trupp – President #2 (2006-2008)
Sue J Wingate – President #3 (2008-2010)

AAHFN Past Presidents

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