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2019 Heart Failure Awareness Week
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 The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) 

2019 Heart Failure Awareness Week


AAHFN's Heart Failure Awareness Week campaign offers resources for both patients and nurses to facilitate the retention of important self-care strategies. Educational research has long documented the use of mnemonics as visual or auditory cues for remembering information, but very little has been translated into healthcare related patient teaching. Through this innovative approach, AAHFN seeks to provide structure to the complex lifestyle and behavioral changes that heart failure patients must endure. Such an approach also seeks to streamline teaching strategies to facilitate delivery of the education by the nurses.



 Working with your Heart Failure Team

Keep all your appointments with your healthcare provider.

  • Bring all your pill bottles including those you buy over-the-counter to your appointments to review with your healthcare provider.
  •  Ask questions. Do not leave the appointment without understanding what has been said.
  •  Call your healthcare provider to report symptoms.

Take your pills as prescribed and refill your pills on time.

  • Let your healthcare provider know if you are not able to get or take your pills.

Weigh yourself every morning before eating and after going to the bathroom.

Bring a log of your daily weights to all of your appointments.


CARE Cards 
CARE Patient cards can be used to give out to patients, caregivers and families. CARE Nurse cards can be shared with your colleagues that are working with and treating HF patients. 
Click on the image below to download and print the Nurse and Patient CARE card



Sometimes heart failure patients feel alone. Sick and afraid, they worry about the details of their self-care, sometimes without a solid understanding of their situation.Talk to your patients and their caregivers about the community at The moderated community site offers support and an avenue for listening ears and advice about living with heart failure. Nurses and providers are welcome to join too!

Tip Sheets

 C-A-R-E for Patients


Click on image to download 


C-A-R-E for Nurses 

 Click on image to download




What exercise is best for your heart failure patients? How can you help patients remember to take their medications? The AAHFN Patient Education Committee has some resources that can help with your patient teaching. Click Here to view our Patient Tip Sheets

Do your heart failure patients struggle with their fluid and sodium restrictions? Did you know that the AAHFN Patient Education Committee Website features a printable cook book filled with tasty recipes that can help your patient to succeed? Click Here for the cookbook

There are also tip sheets to help your patients learn to read a label, learn to season their food without salt, and plan for special occasions and eating out! We know that you CARE about your patients’ long-term heart failure care.

Generous Sponsors of AAHFN's Heart Failure Awareness Week include:



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