AAHFN 13th Annual Meeting

About Us

Started in 2004, The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN), is the only association dedicated to heart failure nurses. Providing customized education, support for the demands and challenges of caring for patients with heart failure (HF), and career advancement opportunities.  We remain committed to the mission and vision of AAHFN and the reason this organization was formed – to lead and educate heart failure nurses and to be the foremost nursing association across the heart failure continuum.

Heart failure nurses are uniquely qualified to treat the whole patient, including counseling, educating caregivers, monitoring treatment plans, and providing emotional support. AAHFN understands and strives to meet this set of unique needs by providing our members with information on best practices, the latest research, continuing education opportunities, and a network of their peers to help heart failure nurses provide the best possible patient care and to excel in their careers.

Since heart failure is the final common pathway for all cardiovascular diseases, HF nurses can in essence be found anywhere patients with cardiovascular disease receive treatment, including hospitals, clinics, research, home health, and extended care facilities.

For additional information on AAHFN please visit our web site.