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Things to do in Orlando

Chances are you’ve been to Orlando, perhaps even more than once, probably for the kind of mass-tourism, theme-park pleasure that involves pricey admission tickets, hour-long lines, and storybook characters run amok (which, despite our eye-rolling, we actually adore).

While these are definitely part of Orlando's appeal what if you were to visit Orlando and not set foot in a single theme park? No Disney, no Universal, no SeaWorld. You'd find Orlando's got a lot more to offer than just Mickey and Donald. Click here for the 10 must-visit Orlando attractions outside of the theme park bubble.

Aside from the world famous Disney and Universal theme parks, the Orlando area is home to a number of beautiful parks, interesting museums, great local restaurants and shops, a handful of waterfront attractions, entertaining shows, and much more.

All too often Orlando visitors come and go without taking time to explore anything besides the theme parks. This is a shame as there is much more to explore in Orlando. While the theme parks are certainly more than worthy of a visit, you'd be missing out by not looking into some of the other activities found throughout the Orlando metro area.

Take a look at this list comprised of 17 non-theme park attractions and activities in the Orlando metro area.