The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) is the only association dedicated to heart failure nurses. We provide customized education, support for the demands and challenges of caring for patients with heart failure, and career advancement opportunities.

In addition to managing heart failure, our nurses treat the whole patient, including counseling, educating caregivers, monitoring treatment plans, and proving emotional support. AAHFN understands and strives to meet your entire set of unique needs by providing you with best practices, latest research, continuing education, and a network of peers to help you provide the best possible patient care and excel in your career.


AAHFN provides exciting opportunities to network and interact with some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished nurses in the field of Heart Failure. These nurses help you to remain motivated and excited about caring for your heart failure patients.


Active Membership:  $95/1 year* 

Any registered nurse who is interested in any aspect of heart failure nursing and is in good standing with the licensing agency in his/her state or territory is eligible for active membership. Nurses employed in research, administration, teaching, medical-surgical, telemetry or progressive care units, home health, or any healthcare agency are also eligible.

International Membership:   $110/1 year* 

Available to professional nurses who have RN licensure in a country other than the United States. International Membership includes all AAHFN benefits; however, international members may not hold elected office. International members may serve on a committee with prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership:  $75/1 year* 

Any LVN or LPN, non-nurse professional, or student is eligible, as well as any healthcare consumer or member of the corporate or political community who is interested in working toward the advancement of a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients. Associate members may not vote, hold office or serve on committees at either the national or chapter levels.

Student Membership:  $75/1 year* 

Any U.S. citizen (or non-citizen who resides within the boundaries of the U.S.) who is a student at an accredited, professional nursing program and is not currently licensed as a registered nurse is eligible. Membership includes all AAHFN benefits; however, student members may not vote, hold office or serve on committees at either the national or chapter levels.

Emeritus Membership:  $85/1 year* 

Any active member over the age of 65 who has maintained active AAHFN membership for a period of five years or more is eligible. All applications must be submitted with evidence of birth date.

*Memberships are renewed on an calendar basis after your first year of membership.

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Please allow a minimum of 72 hours for the processing of your membership application