The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) has designed this Patient Education website to serve as a resource for patients, families and caregivers who want an in-depth understanding of heart failure.

Please review our concise, educational and reference materials which cover all aspects of heart failure including recommended preventative self-care measures. As a national leader in heart failure education and patient advocacy, AAHFN believes that it is crucial to get this information out to anyone who needs more information on heart failure.

The AAHFN Patient Education Committee has also created easy to follow tip sheets to help patients and family members maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with Heart Failure.

Don't forget to join our Together in Heart Failure Community. This Community (for patients and caregivers) is designed for people living with Heart Failure. Through this website, you can share your stories, offer your support, accesses resources and get the comfort and knowledge you need wherever you are.