When do you need a special heart failure doctor?

Heart Failure DoctorTalk to your primary care doctor or heart doctor and ask if you should see a special doctor who has advanced training in caring for persons with HF. If you have symptoms at rest and are on all of the heart failure medications, you may be referred to a health care team that cares only for people with heart failure. Heart failure doctors often work with someone who has had to come to the hospital many times because they have many and severe symptoms. A heart failure team may include a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, dietitian, social worker, pharmacist, and exercise specialist. This team of health care providers work together to help manage complex symptoms of heart failure and improve your quality of life. They may evaluate you for advanced treatments such as heart transplant or a mechanical heart pump. You may be offered to be a part of a research study. You and your family's goals will be discussed with the team.